Bal Sakha Yojana 2023: Free treatment for mothers and babies in Gujarat, know complete details

Bal Sakha Yojana 2023: Explore details of Bal Sakha Yojana, a child-friendly scheme in Gujarat that provides free newborn care to children born to BPL mothers. Know about the eligibility, benefits and how the state government helps for the well-being of mothers and children.

In Gujarat, a state in India, the well-being of mothers and children during pregnancy and childbirth is a matter of considerable concern. With around 12,00,000 births annually, many mothers face unfortunate complications and even lose their lives. Moreover, malnutrition and inadequate healthcare contribute further to maternal and child health problems. To tackle these challenges, the Gujarat government has implemented various schemes, and one such initiative is the Bal Sakha Yojana.

Bal Sakha Yojana 2023: Promoting maternal and child health

Bal Sakha Yojana is an important program aimed at reducing maternal and child mortality in Gujarat. While schemes like Chiranjeevi Yojana, Bal Bhog Yojana, Paushti Aya Yojana and Kanya Kelavani Yatra have already contributed significantly, the government realizes the need for more concerted efforts.

Bal Sakha Yojana Coverage and Benefits:

Under the Bal Sakha Yojana, all babies born to BPL (Below Poverty Line) mothers in Gujarat, which is about 3,00,000 births every year, are eligible for neonatal care. Participating pediatricians, including those working in Neonatal Intensive Care Units (Level 2), provide care for these infants at no cost to beneficiaries. Initially, the scheme covers newborn care, but there are plans to expand the coverage to include all infants up to one year.

Bal Sakha Yojana 2023 Registration and Implementation:

As of October 9, 284 private pediatricians have registered under the Bal Sakha Yojana, and a remarkable 31,151 newborns have benefited from the scheme. This progress demonstrates the commitment of governments and healthcare professionals to improve maternal and child health outcomes.

Benefits provided under Bal Sakha Yojana:

Bal Sakha Yojana ensures that low birth weight babies get the care they need. Pediatricians in private hospitals refer these infants to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICs). If the children require treatment at NICs within the state or even outside the country, the government bears the cost of Rs. 7,000 per day or Rs. 49,000 for a maximum of seven days. Additionally, the scheme allows the mother or a relative to stay with the child during treatment.

In conclusion, Bal Sakha Yojana 2023, Bal Sakha Yojana serves as an important initiative to improve the health and well-being of mothers and children in Gujarat. By providing free newborn care to babies born to BPL mothers, the scheme aims to reduce maternal and child mortality and fight malnutrition. With continuous efforts, the government is striving to ensure a bright future for the children of Gujarat.

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