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In today’s modern age, the vast tapestry of art, culture, and history is accessible at our fingertips, thanks to Google Arts & Culture (formerly known as Google Art Project). This incredible online platform offers an extensive collection of high-quality images and videos showcasing artworks and cultural artifacts from various partner organizations around the globe. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, history aficionado, or simply intrigued by the world’s cultural treasures, Google Arts & Culture provides a captivating experience for everyone.

Unveiling Global Diversity

An International Cultural Journey

Google Arts & Culture is a repository of treasures, narratives, and knowledge sourced from over 2,000 cultural institutions representing 80 different countries. It acts as a bridge connecting individuals to a diverse array of historical events, artistic masterpieces, and the multifaceted heritage of our world. This platform extends an open invitation to explore the art, history, and marvels that define our global culture.

Artistry Beyond Imagination

Exceptional Features

To provide you with a taste of the magic Google Arts & Culture brings to your screen, here are some of its extraordinary features:

1. Art Transfer

Have you ever pondered what your photos would look like transformed into classic artworks? With Art Transfer, you can experience precisely that. Simply take a photo and witness it evolve into a work of art.

2. Art Selfie

Discover captivating portraits that resemble you using Art Selfie. It’s like stepping into the shoes of an iconic figure from history.

3. Color Palette

If you’re drawn to art with a specific color scheme, the Color Palette feature allows you to find art pieces that match the colors in your photos.

4. Art Projector

Get a sense of how artworks look in real size with the Art Projector, which provides a unique perspective on the art you love.

5. Pocket Gallery

Step into immersive galleries and get up close to art with Pocket Gallery. It’s a transformative experience for art enthusiasts.

6. Art Camera

Explore high-definition artworks with the Art Camera feature, revealing intricate details and textures you might have missed otherwise.

7. 360° Videos

Experience culture in a whole new dimension with 360° videos that immerse you in the heart of various cultural phenomena.

8. Virtual Reality Tours

Feel like you’re inside world-class museums with virtual reality tours that bring these cultural institutions to life in a unique way.

9. Street View

Tour famous sites and landmarks with Street View, adding an exciting layer to your exploration.

10. Explore by Time and Color

Travel through time and discover the world’s art through the rainbow of history with the “Explore by Time and Color” feature.

11. Art Recognizer

Take your device camera and point it at artworks to learn more about them, even when you’re offline (available at select museums).

More to Explore

Aside from the captivating features listed above, Google Arts & Culture offers a plethora of additional options:


Enjoy guided tours curated by experts who provide valuable insights into the world’s art and history.


Save your favorite artworks and group them into galleries to share with friends or students.


Find museums and exhibitions near your current location, making it easier to embark on real-life cultural adventures.


Stay updated with your favorite content by subscribing to receive weekly highlights and updates.


Break the language barrier by using the translate button to read about exhibits from around the world in your language.

Permissions Notice

Google Arts & Culture uses a few permissions for a seamless user experience:

  • Location: Recommends cultural sites and events based on your current location.
  • Camera: Recognizes artworks and provides related information about them.
  • Contacts (Get Accounts): Allows sign-in with a Google Account, ensuring that your favorites and preferences are securely stored.
  • Storage: Allows artworks to be recognized and related information to be accessed while offline.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Experience the magic of Google Arts & Culture by downloading the app here. It’s your passport to a world of art, culture, and history that’s waiting to be explored. Don’t miss out on this incredible journey through the treasures of our global heritage.

Download App: Click here 


Google Arts & Culture is more than just an online platform; it’s a gateway to the world’s cultural wonders. With its innovative features and vast collection of artworks and artifacts, it brings the essence of our rich history and heritage directly to your screen.


1. Is Google Arts & Culture free to use?

Yes, Google Arts & Culture is a free platform that allows you to explore a vast array of artworks and cultural content from around the world.

2. Can I save and share my favorite artworks on Google Arts & Culture?

Absolutely! Google Arts & Culture lets you save your favorite artworks and create galleries to share with friends and students.

3. Are there any offline features in Google Arts & Culture?

Yes, the Art Recognizer feature allows you to learn more about artworks by pointing your device camera at them, even when you’re offline (available at select museums).

4. Is the app available on both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Google Arts & Culture is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

5. How frequently is content updated on Google Arts & Culture?

Google Arts & Culture offers weekly highlights and content updates, ensuring that you’re always discovering something new and exciting.

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