How to get loan from Bank of Baroda (BOB)? Interest rate, required documents etc. complete information

Nowadays most of the people are those who are getting some kind of job, but sometimes it happens that even the employed people are short of money. So, instead of borrowing from someone else, he thinks about taking a loan from a bank, and tries to get information about a good bank that offers loans. There are many banks in the country that provide loans to people.

Similarly, Bank of Baroda is one of the well-known and best banks in the country, which provides various types of loans to people. Like- credit card loan, home loan, business loan, there are many loans that Bank of Baroda offers to people. So if you also need to take a loan, here you are being given detailed information about how to get a loan from Bank of Baroda (BOB) and the documents, eligibility and interest rate for a loan from BOB Bank.

How to take loan from Bank of Baroda (BOB)?

If you want to get personal loan, business loan or any other loan facility from Bank of Baroda for any of your work, first of all you have to prepare some necessary documents for this. In those documents you have to fill some of your required information, based on which the bank provides you the loan facility.

After this, you are given a loan based on your documents, in which you will get Rs 10 lakh through Bank of Baroda. Loan can be given up to On the other hand, if a person is a resident of a rural or semi-urban area, he can get a loan amount of just Rs 50,000 from Bank of Baroda. 5 lakh to Rs. Available between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. Loan can be given up to Rs.

Documents required for loan from BOB Bank (BOB Bank Loan Documents)

To take a loan from a big bank like Bank of Baroda, you need to have these types of documents, the information of which is as follows –

Photo Identity Proof

You need to have a photocopy of Passport/Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Driving License etc (any) as a document for loan.

Address Proof

Photocopy of electricity bill/ration card/passport is mandatory. Apart from this you should also have last 3 months salary slip.

Income certificate

You should have recent bank statement or 3 months back or you should have photo copy of your passbook.

Employment Certificate

Having employment certificate within one year is very important.


You must have 2 passport size photographs of you.

Bank of Baroda Loan Eligibility (BOB Bank Loan Eligibility)

A scheme like this loan has been launched by the government of the country mainly for small and medium businessmen. So, all those starting shopkeepers, fruit/vegetable sellers, small scale industries, food-service units, repair shops, machine operations, food processing units can avail loans from Bank of Baroda.

BOB Interest Rate on Loan from Bank of Baroda

If a person thinks about taking a loan from any bank, before getting the loan, he also wants to know the percentage of interest he has to pay to the lending bank. So, if you want to avail loan facility from Bank of Baroda, for this, salary account holders and other account holders have to pay 10.10 to 22.00% annual interest on personal loans. While other applicants have to deposit 12.10 to 22.00% interest rate per annum.

How to Apply for Loan in Bank of Baroda (BOB Bank Apply For Loan)

First of all you go to the website of Bank of Baroda to take a loan.

After this, you find the loan option in it.

Then several options will open in front of you, in which you have to choose the option according to your loan.

After this, you register it by entering your mobile number.

Then fill your basic information as asked.
After this, fill in the complete information about what you are working on.
Then you upload all your requested documents in it.
After this your loan application will get under review.
After completion of all this process you will get a call from the bank.
After this your loan will be fully sanctioned.
Then the loan amount taken by you is directly transferred to your bank, after which you can use that amount anywhere according to your work.

Features and Benefits of Bank of Baroda

With Bank of Baroda, you can easily provide the maximum amount (Rs. 10 lakhs).
This is one such famous bank, which works to provide you loans at low interest rates.
If you want to take any type of loan from Bank of Baroda from any of your places, you don’t need to come to the bank for that, because you can apply online for taking the loan from any place.
This bank does not ask maximum documents to give you loan..

Payment period in Bank of Baroda

In Bank of Baroda, a salaried person (salaried person) is given a maximum time of 60 months to repay the loan, under which they have to repay the amount received by the bank. On the other hand, banks allow a maximum of 48 months on loans taken for any other reason.

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