Know owner name from vehicle number in just 1 minute. Vehicle Owner Details By Number Plate In Gujarati

The process of finding owner name and vehicle registration details from any vehicle number has been simplified. Government of India has made it possible for citizens to trace bike or car owner details by registration number. The Centre, through the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, launched a national registry known as Vahan. It is a central database of all critical details.

Know the vehicle owner’s name and number

In India, RTO has made many changes so that it can provide more facilities to people online, but now many people do not know much about these facilities, due to which they cannot avail these facilities.
Many times we have to buy a second hand vehicle or bike or for any other reason we need to get information about a bike or car or any other vehicle.

Earlier, if you wanted to get information about a vehicle, you had to go to the RTO, but now you can do it from your phone or computer at home for free.

That’s why today we will tell you about a feature of RTO through which you can know owner name online by bike number and by vehicle number, you can know owner online from your phone absolutely free.

How to know vehicle owner name through SMS?

If you don’t have a smartphone. Even so, you don’t need to take tension. Because even with the help of SMS, you can find the name of the vehicle owner by the vehicle number.
To know Gadi Malik name by SMS, type in SMS box of phone –


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Find owner name online by vehicle number

First you have to go to google and search parivahan.
In which after searching, the official website named will come.
After that you will see the page where you should
RC Status
has to be clicked on.
Then the number of the vehicle you want the information of should be written there.
Then you have to click on Vahan Search then you will see all the information of the vehicle.

How to download and use mParivahan app?

  • First of all download mParivahan app from google play store.
  • Sign up using your mobile number. You will get an OTP. Enter and register on the application.
  • Now, you have two options – DL (Driving License) and RC (Registration Certificate).
  • Enter your DL number.
  • To create a virtual DL, click on “Add To My Dashboard”.
  • Enter the DOB and your DL will be added to your ‘Dashboard’.
  • Similarly, enter vehicle number for RC.
  • Benefits of mParivahan App
  • It will show you details like insurance validity, fitness expiry date and more.
  • Click on “Add To My Dashboard”.
  • You will be asked to enter the chassis number and engine number of your vehicle. You can get these details from your RC.
  • After verification, go to the dashboard and select the DL or RC you want to show to the traffic police officers.
  • This will generate a QR code that officials can scan for verification.
  • You can check existing invoices and pay for them electronically.
  • If your vehicle is also used by other people then you can also share your RC with others using mParivahan for a certain period of time.

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